Listening to Music on Mobile Phones and Using Music APPS for Your Smart Phone

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Listening music has been made simple and easy by the growing technology. The technology has improved the way we listen to music using their smart phones by introduction of music mobile apps. These apps can be downloaded from the app store or the Google store and installed in your mobile phone. Though our phones don’t have enough space for downloading many music Apps as we would wish to, its highly advisable for one to choose the best app that suites their needs.All what you need is a g mail account and if you don’t have one its highly recommended to create one, for you to be able to access the downloading site. The sites offers a wide variety of music apps and all you need is selecting one that suites your phone. The Google store and App store have varieties of music apps for all mobile phones in the market today. Though some Apps require monthly subscription or In-App purchases, most of the app are available for free, though they vary from store to store. Below is a list of the best free music mobile apps for your smart phone.


1. DJ Studio App

The DJ Studio App will help you loop, mix, pitch, remix, scratch and record your music by use of two Turntables. The app will also give you an option of saving and posting your final music mixes by sharing with friends on social media and also for Sound Clouding. how sweet is it?.

2.Apple Music Play App

This App is suitable for both i OS and Android phones. The App gives you an access to all the music in the Apple music library and offers you a music streaming services no matter where you are. In addition the App also allows you to listen to your favorite radio shows. Unlike other Music Apps the Apple music play App is a free download.

3. Google Play Music App

Google play also provides a free app for playing music. The app is clean and gives you a full access to your cloud-based favorite music at the same time. The app has options for customizing your music based on your likes and also gives you a custom access all the your favorite Radio stations.
4. Quell o Concert App

This app lets you see the video songs because a times listening may not be enough. The app will also give you a full length access of your music and videos for up to 1500 performances. The App is suitable for both Android and i OS.

The above are some of the music Apps you can find in the App store or Google play store for your smart phone. You can now enjoy your music the smart way by visiting the google store or your App store today for all your music App solutions.

You should know, that not all smartphones support app download and if you are an owner of an old phone, you should definitely buy a new one. There are many places to do that but the best one is through Talk Talk company (find talk talk customer service here). The company has thousands of smartphones with extended guarantee that you can use to download music and music apps.

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